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CDX Security have a number of Environmental objectives that commit to our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR).

To ensure that sustainability plays an important part in our security programme, CDX Security have created the Ecopatrol scheme.

The initiative improves the carbon footprint of our security officers as they take on duties to maximise energy efficiencies, promote energy conservation, and improve recycling & waste management.

Ecopatrol provides Social, Environmental, and Economic benefits for our sites by providing greater efficiency and savings while reducing the negative impact for the business.

An ecopatrol officer’s duties include:

  • Energy Efficiency Patrols

  • Waste and Recycling Patrols

  • On site Economic and Environmental Support

  • Monitoring water waste

  • Being a champion for recycling

  • Ensuring waste is sorted correctly


CDX Security’s ecopatrol officers are essential and perform duties to enhance our customer’s and our own environmental credentials.

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